Javascript game development 7: animations and sprites

With this chapter, I will expand our html5 game engine with a new object: the sprite. The sprite uses the images from the graphics module and has its own timer for handling an animation. It controls its position itself and provide a own drawing method. The sprite can be instanced, because multiply sprites with the same sets of images may differ in the animation state and speed.
Later, it would be a nice feature to allow the use of sprite sheets instead of single images. Just as implementing the ability to use multiple animations in one sprite.
Result of this chapter

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(function() {
    window.objects.sprite = (function sprite(data) {
        //data is an object that holds the initial values
        this.images = data.images;
        this.frameTime = data.frameTime;
        this.frame = 0;
        this.frameCount = this.images.length;
        this.lastTick = 0;
        this.position = new window.objects.vector();
    var sprite = window.objects.sprite.prototype;
    sprite.draw = (function() {
        //draw the actual animation frame
        var stamp =;
        //check if its time to increase the frame
        if(stamp - this.lastTick >= this.frameTime)
            if(this.frame >= this.frameCount)
                this.frame = 0;
            this.lastTick = stamp;

The main.js has completely changed for testing the object.


window.modules.main = (function($) {
    return {
        init: (function() {
             * instances a new sprite
             * array of image names from the graphics module
             * time between frames in milliseconds
            this.monkey = new window.objects.sprite({
                images:  ["monkeya", "monkeyb", "monkeyc"],
                frameTime: 100
        loop: (function() {
            var modules = window.modules;
            var objects = window.objects;
            //"this" would be window because the request animation frame
            //so let's make our own "this"
            var _this = modules.main;
            //set sprite position and let it draw
            _this.monkey.position.x(320 / 2 - 24);
            _this.monkey.position.y(240 / 2 - 20);


//add the sprite object for loading
var objects = [

For creating the animation I used thee sprite sheet below. I cut out single frames. I think the “monkey” is jumping. This sheet is part of the spritelib (gpl).