oo.js JavaScript Library

I just wrote a library as a backbone for JavaScript applications.
You can download it on GitHub.


  • creating instances of “classes”
  • automatic creation of getter- and setter methods for properties
  • getter and setter can be overwritten as all members
  • inheritance of classes
  • polymorphism, children can be threaded as it’s parent(s)
  • automatic collection of all instances in a container
  • identifying instances by an automatic id
  • create singleton objects
  • execute the parents version of overwritten methods on actual context
  • container for arranging all instances with filtering, interrating, deleting them

Methods of oo.js

  • create new class (will be available under oojs.ClassName)
    oojs.create(string:ClassName, object:members)

  • inherite from parent (will be available under oojs.ClassName)
    oojs.inherit(oojsObject:parent, string:ClassName, object:members)

  • create singleton object (will be available under oojs.ClassName but already as instance
    oojs.makeSingleton(string:ClassName, object:members, object:parameter)

  • loop over all instances of a specific class
    oojs.each(string:className, Function:callback, Object:context[optional])

  • loop over instances of a specific class that matches with the given filter
    oojs.filter(string:className, Object:filter, Function:callback, Object:context[optional])

  • get all objects that was instantiated with new grouped by their class name

  • get all objetcs as a hydrated list

  • create anonymous instance (will not be tracked by oo.js for regular garbage collector) by passing “anoym: true” in the parameters
    var anonymInstance = new oojs.Employee({
    anonym: true

Methods of any oo.js instance

  • automatic getter and setter, each property get this
    instance.getXxx() / .setXxx()

  • execute original methode on parent if it be overwritten
    instance.execParent(string:methodName, array:params)

  • check if instance is or inherit this class

  • copies all data of given object where the key exists in both

  • remove instance in the oo.js container to be free for garbage collection

Basic usage:

// define the name of the member on window where oojs is stored  

// creating a "class" for an Employee  
oojs.create('Employee', {  

  // properties  
  name: null,  
  salary: 0,  
  // construtor will be called on new oojs.Employee();  
  __init: function(params) {  
    // automaticly copying date where this and params have same keys  
  payRaise: function(amount) {
    this.salary += amount;

// instantiate an Employee
var bob = new oojs.Employee({
  name: 'Bob Test',
  salary: 3000

// call automatic setter